Cancer – A Dreadful Disease


Cancer is a disease where the body mechanism fails in controlling the abnormal growth or division of cells. This abnormal growth of cells is called neoplasia. The neoplasm or the abnormal mass of tissues as a result of neoplasia causes tumors or lumps.

These tumors can be benign, pre malignant and carcinoma in situ or malignant. Malignant tumors are cancers. Benign tumors do not have the ability to invade neighboring tissues or metastasize. Benign tumors also have slower growth rate than the malignant tumors. Though these are harmless but may suppress tissues and may cause nerve damage.

Pre malignant tumors are tumors in a generalized state having an increased risk of cancer. If left untreated, these tumors may turn into malignant or cancerous tumors. The tissues of pre malignant tumors are morphologically altered cells and hence always pose a risk of malignancy.

Malignant or carcinoma in situtumors are cancerous. The cells in such tumors multiply rapidly and do not die. These cells have the ability to spread from one organ or part of an organ to another non adjacent organ or part of that organ. This process is called metastasis.

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Commonly Used Drug For Ringworm


One of the most frequently seen skin problem is Ringworm. This skin disease is developed due to fungal organisms, called the dermatophytes. These dermatophytes have a tendency to spread easily and hence are very contagious. One can easily get infected by Ringworm if they come in contact with a person or an animal that are already diseased by dermatophytes. You could even infest this skin disease if you use any of the polluted objects.

Usually bed covers, towels, clothes, combs, caps and hats etc of such patients should not be used by other persons as Arthrospores easily intervene with these items. Thus, when one uses such items he easily gets affected by it. Animals such as dogs and cats are often said to bethe carriers for dermatophytes and hence, if an animal shows these symptoms, you need to avoid physical contact with it.

The most beneficial medication for ringworm is one which contains fungicidal materials. A drug that contains fungicidal materials destroys the fungal bacteria and their spores completely. On the contrary, fungicidal ringworm drug containing fungistats, are less effective as they simply refrain the fungi from breeding rather than eliminating the disease.

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PaediatricOrthopaedic Bone Conditions


PaediatricOrthopaedic disorders are quite usual amongst child sportspersons. These irregularities are actually different forms of distinctive development. Most of the time there is no particular treatment required and it rectifies itself, but in some cases, medicalassistance might be required as the factors causing such illness could be adverse.

Some of the most common forms of paediatric orthopaedic illnesses are as follows:

Hip Dysplasia:

Hip Dysplasia is most often seen in children and is also termed as DHD. Usually in this case, the hip is dislocated or not positioned appropriately at the time of birth. The degree of this dislocation varies from child to child. While some kids lead a very normal life in spite of this dislocation, some kids to require medical assistance to gain complete mobility. Statistics reveal that 2 to 4 kids out of 1000 kids, suffer from this medical condition and the occurrence of this condition is much greater in girl child. Recovery of DHD is very good and especially kids who are 6 months or younger, the chances are 98% and if the children are 2 to 16, the chance of recovery are 80 % to 90 %.

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